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Kerry Hines Hair Care originated out of the need to address the serious need for real education on haircare and particularly those dealing with different forms of Alopecia.  We're dealing with all forms of Alopecia and something you'll like only hear about here and on "The Hair Radio Morning Show", 'Traction Alopecia.  Our amazing Kerrapy products address the needs of thinning hair and hair that just doesn't seem to grow.  Kerrapy is our organic approach to these issues.  It's effective on all hair types. 


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Learning about TAF: Traction Alopecia Foundation .. It's the beginning of our story at  It's really "The Hair Radio Morning Show".  We've been doing the work for over 25 years in a world that has not done enough education in this area.  TAF is all about education and information and more!  Stay tuned. 

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